My coaching style

What I offer.....

1-1 Coaching

There are many ways to coach someone, and not one way suits everyone. I will work with you to find your focus, create energy around that and creatively enable you to formalise your own solutions to reaching your optimal potential. You will know what you are capable of, if not, we will explore your strengths. I will challenge your assumptions and beliefs, take you safely out of your comfort zone to experience new thinking and it will be up to you if you take up the challenge to optimise the knowledge gained from this new thinking.

What is your mind capable of?
What stops you achieving great things?
Call me me, email me, have a conversation with me.

What then ?
There will be an opportunity for us to work together ...3- 6 sessions, set 3-4 weekly intervals to allow you to follow up on the actions you have created in the session.
These sessions are for you to discover what creativity, focus and energy is required to forge ahead with your potential.

What does your hero inside you want to become?
Take charge of your own "remote". Work with me on any areas of your life, that are not yet at their potential. Together we will set out realistic levels that you feel comfortable for us both to leave at, and progress accordingly.
The strategies we design together will work for you in any situation, because you will have created them, you know what works well for you as you will see from the success of the past, knowing the future will be greater gives you the encouragement you require. You will also know your biggest competitors, identify your biggest fears, and your greatest challenges, and create the strategies for facing and overcoming.

Coaching Skills for Managers

3 Day training that is dynamic, with a mix of interaction and theoretical input.